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Sprinkler Water is Not for Drinking

In 2022 Liz Larsen published "Sprinkler Water is Not for Drinking." This book was written in 2010, soon after returning from living in India. Ten years later, during the Covid-19 pandemic, she picked up the book again and finished the happy ending to the story.

This book tells her story of living in India and working in the world of microfinance where small loans ($100+) are given to women to help them start and grow businesses. The women owned small businesses selling groceries, vending glass jars door-to-door from a basket on her head, hand crafting fireworks, rolling incense by hand, and more. 

As she worked with these women as they gained their financial stability, she found that her own financial independence was crumbling. She had had fallen in love and moved in with an American expat, but it had eventually turned into an unhealthy relationship. 

Inspired by the strong women around her, she untangles herself and moves back home to Seattle to put her life back together again. 

Sprinkler Water is not for Drinking Cover.jpg
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