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About Me

I’m full of energy and have a million projects going. I’m enthusiastic, creative, and love big ideas. I'm a huge fan of the outdoors and you will find me walking and hiking all the time. I am an oil painter of beautiful landscapes and brilliant flowers, often from photos I take outdoors. I love bright colors and wear lots of pink. I adore food and dancing with friends. I’m passionate about people. I really like accomplishing big projects and improving processes makes me happy.

During more than 25 years in my professional life, I’ve transformed my career more times than I can count. I worked in technology marketing at Microsoft. I moved to India as a Business Development consultant in technology for microfinance. I worked in software development sales and managed a staff of three project managers implementing software. I was CEO of a business selling light up accessories that I designed and had manufactured. I've failed and learned so many times. I’ve learned an immense amount about successful transitions and I’d like to put my knowledge to work to help you achieve whatever you desire.

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