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Things you might have been curious about

What is "transformation coaching"?

I focus on helping people through big changes in life. Transitions are often times when there are a lot of choices to make and additional challenges added to your life. I'm here to support you through those changes and work with you to find your own direction. My experience with many types of life transformations means that I emphathize with you and have insights on how your transition can go smoothly.

What is coaching?

Coaching is about attaining a higher level of achievement and happiness in your future, rather than resolving issues that have happened in your past. Issues that are outside of the scope of coaching, such as mental health issues, I will encourage you to find a counselor.

What is your style of coaching?

I believe that coaching is about asking insightful questions that allow you to find the answers you need within yourself. After all, no one knows you better than you! I work with you to achieve your goals and objectives so that you can transition successfully through your changes in life. My hope is that I can help you achieve your dreams!

What is an "Intro Chat"?

I offer a free 30-minutes session to meet one another and see if we're the right fit. During this session we will tackle a challenge you would like to work on to get an idea of how I work.

What are your fees?

I offer packages of four or eight sessions at a time so we have time to work through whatever transition you are experiencing. As my business is getting started, I've included some "Intro" packages at discounted prices that I encourage you to take advantage of!

Why do you offer packages rather than individual sessions?

My goal is for you to build new skills so that you don't need my help. But change takes time. I've started at four-session packages to give us a chance to make progress towards your future. 

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